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New XRP Intel Features

Come one, come all... be sure to checkout the newly deployed features to xrpintel!

  • New Deleted Accounts metric - tallies the number of accounts deleted in the reporting period
  • Expanded Transactions By Result metric to highlight / always tweet Critical Transactions. Right now this just includes tecINVARIANT_FAILED (the final XRPL failsafe ensuring ledger state stays sane & valid), though others may be added in the future
  • New ledger and transaction controls: Switch between formatted and raw JSON, expand and collapse all fields.

  • Specific reports now break down stats within that period, see metrics pertaining to days in a given month/week & hours within a given day

  • Charts now incorporate high level statistics including average, median, and standard deviation. Click on a stat to view on the chart.

  • Report metrics have been added to the API Documentation
  • Finally the xrp1ntel project has now been deprecated and is no longer available. Users should access the frontend via and the API via

Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!