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NYC/XRP Meetup - Seeing 20/20

This past Tuesday, January 28th, the NYC/XRP Community hosted our 4th meetup, titled "Seeing 20/20" at the Lair East coworking space in SOHO Manhattan, NYC. The group, formed by a consortium of XRP Community members last summer, has hosted a series of meetups on a bi-monthly basis in a variety of formats, ranging from socials at local bars and restaurants, to tech talks, to group discussions and debates. The driving philosophy behind the group is to provide a resource for the local XRP community (both in NYC and in the greater tri-state region) to network, learn from each other, and grow together. While online communication channels such as Twitter and Telegram are great resources to stay in touch with our friends and colleagues world wide, it's not until we meet each other face to face and shake each others hands, that the true social bonding occurs and the true community is formed.

It was established after the last meetup in November that we wanted to put in the organiziational effort to make this as substantial as possible, as in recent months XRP has been gaining traction for international remittances and is being more and more recognized on the global finance scene. I'm extremely happy to report that the event was a monumental success, we assembled a great panel of speakers to discuss all things XRP and Blockchain, had an amazing turnout, a 3-round raffle (with the prizes being 250, 500, and 1000 XRP incrementally), and had a world-class buffet and beverage spread for all to enjoy. Guests of honour included many influencers from the crypto and XRP communities as well as prominant Ripple Labs directors and employees.

Lair East turned out to be the perfect venue to host the event, the setup was ideal and our hosts were extremely gracious and accomodating. Through use of some nifty technology we were able to livestream the event in 3D so that viewers were able to see all the action from all angles. The video can be viewed via Facebook, and is also available via youtube as the 3D player doesn't work on all systems:

Finally we have to recognize the individuals who made this event happen. While this is not a comprehensive list, these individuals went above and beyond to drive the success of this event and without their hard work and dedication it would have not been possible. So without further adieu I'd like to recognize:

Much gratitude goes to the individuals above as well as to all the community members who have supported the group on our journey so far.

And that's it for now! Be sure to stay tuned for future events (join the meetup to automatically get notified when they are scheduled) including our next meetup in March. Hope to see you all there!